Charting Her Own Path: Char Escobar’s Rise In The Cannabis Industry

Char Escobar is a 24-year immigrant who left the Philippines in 2008 and set up camp in California just this past February. She is a music lover and songwriter, but when she arrived in California she found herself drawn to the cannabis industry. In just two years, Char has risen from budtender to General Manager of Rebud’s New Westwood location in Los Angeles, quickly becoming an inspiration and role model for other immigrant hopefuls. Char credits her success to her willingness to network and build relationships with those around her. With hard work, dedication, and a bit of luck, anything is possible! We’d like to thank Char

The Power of Affiliate Marketing: Spray Ground and Soulja Boy’s Mystery Bears Collaboration

This blog post explores the power of affiliate marketing through the collaboration between Spray Ground and Soulja Boy’s Mystery Bears Collection. Learn how to maximize your success with affiliate marketing through Shomax Strategies’ The Advantage Guidebook. Get the tips and tricks you need to create successful partnerships and increase exposure on social media channels!

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